Sonoran Audubon Society’s Bookmark Series is a project to further educate the public on important bird issues printed on a bookmark for ease of access. The bookmarks and brochure are printable as PDFs.


Bookmark Series:


Arizona Backyard Birds That Are Declining

Download (PDF, 791KB)

Native Plants That Can Attract to Your Backyard

Download (PDF, 259KB)

6 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Birds in Your Yard

Download (PDF, 367KB)

Water Features for Your Backyard Birds

Download (PDF, 243KB)

Pigeons Among Us

Download (PDF, 201KB)

Sonoran Audubon Society’s Speakers’ Bureau

Download (PDF, 462KB)




West Valley Bird Watching

Download (PDF, 5.1MB)

City of Glendale’s “Welcome Wildlife to Your Garden”

Download (PDF, 17.23MB)