Sonoran Audubon Society

Gilbert Water Ranch Trip Report – February 2019

Gilbert Water Ranch Report

February 11, 2019

Dan Bohlmann: Leader

The day turned out to be beautiful and sunny. It was a little cold at first but with that bright sunshine it wasn’t too long before everyone started to peal off the heavy coats and gloves. We had the largest turnout in years for this trip – 23 people! And six more that signed up didn’t show. We were greeted by a noisy group of Rosy-faced Lovebirds who where expressing their excitement to see us as a large crowd of romantic admirers. In all the years I’ve been to the Water Ranch I’ve never been disappointed and this year was no different. Since we had 58 species and 23 people I had better quit the usual bird tales ( or tails) and start listing them all. We had Woodpeckers, Ladderback & Gila; Sparrows, Song & Chipping & White-crowned & House; Ducks, Ringed-necked & Northern Shoveler & Ruddy & Gadwall & Pintail & Mallard & Mallard Hybrid; Herons, Great Blue & Green-backed  & Black-crowned Night; Egrets, Snowy & Great; Cormorants, Neotropic & Double-crested; Dowitcher; Long-billed & Short-billed; Sandpipers, Least & Spotted; Warblers, Orange-crowned & Yellow-rumped; Hummingbirds; Anna’s & Costa’s; Dove; Mourning & European Collard; Red-tailed Hawk; Red-winged Blackbird; American Avocet; Black-necked Stilt; White Pelican; Greater Yellowlegs; Northern Rough-winged Swallow; Gambel’s Quail; Turkey Vulture; Pied-billed Grebe; Belted Kingfisher; House Finch; Rosy-faced Lovebird; Verdin; Abert’s Towhee; Canada Goose; American Coot; American Kestrel; European Starling; Great-tailed Grackle; Mockingbird; Curve-billed Thrasher; Hermit Thrush; Green-winged Teal; Wilson’s Snipe; Lesser Goldfinch; Northern Flicker; Killdeer.

Attendees:  Dorothy Russell, Lea Cornell, Sharon Naughton, Fran Baughman, Kathy Heyman, Sally Buxton, David Glaeseman, Laurie Iosue, Jane Kaschak, Helen Papietro, Dave and Ruth Kennedy, Richard Kaiser, Tom Worcester, Haylie Hewitt, Vera Markham, Paul Doucette, Erv Johnson, Jim Consolloy, Jean Edmans, Cindy Rucker,  Ben Morrow, Dan Bohlmann (leader).