Sonoran Audubon Society

SAS Field Trip – Clear Creek Campground (New date)

September 27, 2019 all-day
Clear Creek Campground
Dan Bohlmann
602 938-8244

This campground has been an excellant place to bird in the past because it has all the ingredients that birds love – flowing water, lots of trees, bushes to hid in and seed bearing flowers. I’ve led birding trips here a number of times over the years and its always been fruitful during the late spring and early fall. I was just looking at a trip report from May 4, 2011 and we saw Tanagers(Summer & Western), Warblers(Yellow-rump, Lucy’s, Yellow & Wilson), Hawks(Red-tailed and Common Black), Vireos(Warbling, Bell’s & Plumbeous), Flycatchers(Brown-crested, Vermillion & Ash-throated), Hummingbirds(Black-chinned, Anna’s & Costa’s), Orioles(Hooded & Bullock’s), Black-headed Grosebeak, Lesser Goldfinch, Western Kingbird, Northern Cardinal, Phainopepla, American Kestral, Rock Wren, Pine Siskin, Robin, Northern Flicker and numerous Gila Woodpeckers. There were other more common birds like starlings and cowbirds that we would like to forget that brought the number of species up to 43.

For quite a few years there was a family of 6 Blue Grosebeaks that we would see, but the last few times we couldn’t find them. Also there was a campground host for a number of years that were very friendly toward us and had bird feeders up and invited us to watch the birds with them. They also welcomed us to stroll around the camp and look for all the birds we could find. Also on the east side of camp there is a trail that follows Clear Creek and is very scenic and is loved by the birds.

The meeting places will be at Fry’s Electronics at 31st Avenue and Thunderbird (NE corner of the parking lot at 7:00am) and at the McDonalds at I17 and Carefree HWY ( NE corner east of gas station ) at 7:30am. Please bring a lunch.

Difficulty is a 2 walking around the camp for about a mile.

Bring a lunch so we can eat together.