Sonoran Audubon Society

SAS Field Trip – California Coast

September 16, 2018 – September 19, 2018 all-day
Carlsbad/Oceanside CA
Jim Consolloy
Limited to three cars,10 – 12 birders max. They will meet up with Jim daily at a designated parking areas andtravel together. Group will leave on Sunday a.m., approximately 380 miles and 6 -7 hours trip time, allowing for a couple stops along the way. Daily birding will be at several IBA’s, driving time to areas should not be more than 30 minutes from lodging or group eating sites. Group to decide on lodging and eating sites on their own in the Oceanside area. Carlsbad rates are typically priced higher. Please let Jim know as soon as you book your room.
Depending on tide charts, we will determine where and what time to bird coastal areas at lowest tides. The following is a list of IBA’s in the Carlsbad/Oceanside area: Buena Vista, Battaquitos and San Dieguito Lagoons; Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary, Coastal beaches near the Oceanside Harbor, Carlsbad State Park and various stops daily along stretches of beach. If time permits and group is willing to take short bird walks after dinner, there are several parks with inland lakes which may prove productive. Wednesday birding after check out and breakfast further south will be on the way back to Arizona. The San Diego Botanical Garden is a wonderful site for birding, which often produce warblers, flycatchers, orioles, Scaly-breasted Munia and Nuttall’s WP.

Birds likely to see: Lagoons and beach areas: Herrmann’s Gull, California Gull, Western Gull, R.B. Gull, both Pelecans, DC Cormorants, Caspian, Least and otherTerns, Willet, Whimbrel, Godwits, L.Billed and Bristle-thighed Curlews, Dowitchers, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Least and Western S., Solitary and Spotted S., Red Shouldered Hawk, White-tailed Kite, Osprey and Bald Eagle, Herons and Egrets. Coast Scrub areas include, Californa Gnatcatcher, Thrasher, Towhee and Roadrunners. Inland lake areas produce many species of ducks as well as swallows, stilts, herons, egrets, bluebirds, flycatchers and warblers.

Please call with any questions, Jim